The Podcast

That Just Might Work is a podcast about everyday items, their history, their flaws, and two Brothers’ best attempts at innovating them; Unnecessary solutions to non-existent problems is how we like to think of it. That Just Might Work started out as an idea in 2016, when brothers Jason & Jesse noticed a void in the world of tech news.

There’s a new smartphone to own several times a year, a new gaming console, new digital camera, a constant barrage of must have gadgets. Oftentimes, each iteration of these devices suffers from a real lack of innovation. The brothers found it difficult to stay up to date with the latest and greatest when all media outlets are routinely talking about the same thing. All the while, no one is talking about the everyday inventions that we take for granted.

The toothbrush. The popsicle. The blender. The inventions we use every day of our lives — what, you don’t have a popsicle everyday?  These inventions that were invented before our time have been largely unimproved for decades. Is this because they’re perfect the way they are? Or is it that we’re so set in our ways, we’ve become afraid to innovate? Why isn’t there a spoon that better suits our needs?

Join Jason, a former radio personality, and Jesse, an engineer by trade, weekly on That Just Might Work; a podcast where they will answer these questions (probably). You never know, you might learn something.

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